Wickham Morris

Wickham Morris is a mixed side and welcomes new members of either sex.  They say they have a stringent test where new applicants are asked which is their left foot.  They get two chances and one right answer is enough.

They dance in the Cotswold and Border styles. The Cotswold dances come from the villages of Stanton Harcourt, Bampton and Adderbury, plus others that they have invented in similar styles. The Cotswold dance style is with hankies and/or sticks and usually in a 6 man set. The Border dances are originating from the villages on the England-Wales border. These dances are more wild and often have furious exciting sticking sequences. 

They have gradually developed a unique Wickham Style, with their own dances and a laid back happy go lucky 'stance', best viewed over an emptying ale barrel.