The Mayfest has a wonderful collection of display sides, mostly dancing some of the various forms of Morris, plus the Southampton Folk Orchestra, the FolkActive Youth Ensemble and the Hampshire Youth Folk Ensemble

The Southampton Folk Orchestra is an open access group that plays traditional folk music.  The group creates arrangements of tunes together and performs at least once a term. The orchestra welcomes all players of acoustic instruments from confident experienced musicians to beginners.  They will be playing in St Lawrence's Church.  Click here for more information.

The Hampshire Youth Folk Ensemble  will also be performing in St Lawrence's Church.    They have around 12 performers, mostly fiddle players, from age 11 to 18.  They play mostly traditional British folk music, probably slightly biased towards Celtic/Scottish as they like playing that music, but they do try all sorts.  They also have a young step dancer for a couple of numbers. More information about the Hampshire Youth Ensembles can be found on the Hampshire County Council website, www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/hampshiremusic/ensembles/countyensembles 

The Southampton Folk Orchestra

Morris dancing is an English tradition.  Note English, not British or Scots or Welsh, nor American.   Although there are many sides around the world who now dance this style, it remains as originating in England.  So what better place to see Morris dancing than in Winchester, the capital of Wessex, home of King Alfred, where England first began to become a country.  King Alfred defended Wessex against the Danes, then joined with Mercia and his son King Edward then pushed the Danes north and so instead of our country being called Daneland, it became England.

Click on the picture to see more information about each group.   NOTE:  THIS PAGE IS NOT YET FINISHED AS WE ARE ADDING AND REMOVING SIDES UNTIL THE END OF MARCH



Alton Morris 


Basingclog Morris 

Belles & Arrows 

Cornucopia Appalachian cornucopia

Berkshire Bedlam

Deorfrith Morris 

Bloodstone Border Morris

Fishbourne Mill      

Fleur de Lys 

Holt Morris

Hurst Morris People 

Knickerbocker Glory 

Moonshine Border Morris 


OBJ https://sites.google.com/site/winchmayfest/obj

Oyster Girls

Red Stags


Sarum Morris 

Southern Lights 

Spank the Planks Appalachian 

Sweet Rapper 

Taeppa’s Tump 

Wickham Morris 

Winchester Morris Men