Quayside Cloggies

Coming from Bournemouth, the Quayside Cloggies dance in the Northwest Morris tradition. They see this style of dance as one of the most colourful. The elaborate costumes, together with the large number of dancers that take part, provide a show which stands out among crowds and noisy streets. Costumes are often decorated by rosettes, ribbons, strings of beads and badges. Clogs are almost always worn, with brass nails and eyelets and bells attached to the laces. In the mills of Lancashire and Cheshire, workers had to wear wooden soled shoes (leather soles rotted on the floors which were kept wet to keep the air humid), so people took their inspiration for the dance from the clatter of weaving machines and used their working shoes on the newly paved streets.

There is lots more about the tradition and this ladies side at www.quaysidecloggies.co.uk