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Chilcomb House

On Saturday May 10th 2014, a group of us visited Chilcomb House near Winchester. Chilcomb House is home to Hampshire's special collections of Archaeology, Arts, Natural Sciences and Social & Industrial History.

We were met by Christine Taylor, Keeper of Natural Sciences at Hampshire Museum Services, who very kindly gave up her Saturday afternoon to show us around the geology collections. And splendid collections they were too - the museums have been accumulating local material for many a long year, back to Victorian times in fact. The core of the collections have come from the three founder museums, the Curtis Museum (in Alton), the Willis Museum (in Basingstoke) and the Red House Museum (in Christchurch), but other institutions and individuals have also contributed.

Christine had laid out various items for us to see in one of the rooms and she then gave us a short talk on the history of the museums and the various services they offer. You can read about their work here.

After the "intro" we headed for the rooms containing the geology collections and spent an hour or two ferreting about - and coveting many of the items! All in all a good afternoon out. Some photos to give you an idea of what's there ...

A Happy Crew

Christine and us

Reginald Hooley's Iguanodon Bone

 Ammonites galore

More chalk fossils


Time for a breather ...