Tweaking with WinBubbles

In just few clicks, the winbubble will help you to customize and tweak your Windows 7 (and Vista) easily.
Its main features cover Maintenance, Hidden Windows Utilities, Customisations, Security and Optimisations for Overall System Performance.

WinBubble is an easy-to-use freeware tweaking utility that focuses on enhancing your Windows 7 and Vista Experience.

Even If your not a dedicated or just starting to learn to customize and tweak your computer, WinBubble will make every tweaking much easier and faster.

Not Just For the Geeks But For All!

Useful Links: Downloading Windows 7 for Free

Updated version

WinBubble (Version 2 Build 3 Revision 7)

  • WinBubble Admin Tools was updated
  • Launching of WinBubble via Ease of Access Center has been updated (no need to reboot)
  • Now supports Smart Screen Capture using Keyboard Shortcut
  • File-Type Icon Customization Error Messages was removed
  • Adding of My Computer Icon to Desktop was updated
  • Password Error while Launching the application while on the Welcome Screen has been fix.
  • Installation Path error for the setup was fix
  • Auto-Patch was added


DOWNLOAD HERE (recommended)


Pre-configured portable versions! (WinBubble









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