Get Win32Forth

  Steps to get the newest Win32Forth working:

1) Download here the NEWEST TEST version of Win32Forth version 6.15.05 Build: 1

2) Click 2 times on the downloaded w32f*.exe to install and build Win32Forth.



A few of my sources still need Win32Forth 4.2 Build: 0671.
Steps to get Win32Forth working including a small patch:

1) Download w32for42_671.exe
This is the last version
released by Tom Zimmer.

2) Download
Solves the loss of characters when F12 is pressed in WinView.
Changed are: StartUpForth _win32forth-message and load-forth-file.

3) Run w32for42_671.exe to install Win32Forth.

4) Unzip Put the sources in your directory where Win32Forth is installed. Overwrite the old sources.

5) Activate the following Links:
- Make Win32Forth
- Make WinView