Win32Forth is a Public Domain Forth system for Windows 95tmor better. It is a complete 32 bit Forth-compiler which includes an assembler, disassembler, decompiler, meta-compiler, a floating point pack and many sources and options.

With this Forth system you can also address any API, VXD, or COM object you understand. Warning: It is often difficult to get documentation about them.

New for Win32Forth version 6.14 or better: Greater speed can now be reached by executing a definition in a parallel way using all the hardware threads of your multicore CPU. In Win32Forth this can automatically be done by using the method parallel: See MultiTaskingClass.f on my source page for this feature, explanation and several examples.

Here is how to start: Install Win32Forth. Start win32forthIDE and read anything you will find in the menu Help. Ask remaining questions at or the in the newsgroup comp.lang.forth . I hope you will join this ring.

Click on the links in the white frame to find free programs, sources or the Win32Forth compiler.