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Where is Le Touquet?

"The le Touquet page" is entirley dedicated to "Le Boeuf" The rides resident pedalling Doctor "Ian Anderson", any questions regarding bunions, saddle sores , directions to le touquet, mouth ulcers and septic discharge should be posted here.
  •  Ian will be running his clinic on the saturday evening as usual, those wobblers who require there saddle sores lancing are advised to be in the bar early.
  • The fractured Eyelash clinic and open dicussion group is generally at 7.30 pm

IAT (Ian Anderson Time)
The Ox operates (not literally) in his own time zone, known internationally as IAT (Ian Anderson Time), which is GMT + 22 minutes. There is a common misconception that this is because he cannot work out how to change the time on his watch. The real reason is due to his immense power output. The Ox generates so much power that it causes him to fluctuate between different dimensions of space and time. If you watch him closely out of the corner of your eye you will perceive that he flickers continuously.
Dr Winston the tashy bloke of the telly says "Gosh i honestly dont believe it,that one had me flumoxed"

Doc Tales

The Ox went to the same school as the legendary Barnes Wallis, Christ's Hospital in Horsham. Rumour has it that Sir Barnes got the idea for the bouncing bomb after seeing the Ox cycling down the Balcombe road. The Ox hit a patch of ice and bounced through a damn near the Ouse Valley viaduct. This caused serious flooding and the disappearance of Atlantis, which has never been seen again. SB then tried to convince the Ox to take a holiday near the Ruhr, but the Ox smelt a rat and fled to Africa, so the RAF had to make do with barrels full of high explosive - a poor substitute if you ask me.
The Wobblers' eldest now attends the school where he is occasionally forced to dress up as a girl and balance a hot buttered crumpet between his butt cheeks.

Doc Facts

Tests have confirmed that The Ox is more powerful than a Citroen 2CV Dolly. The tests carried out by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew of Muppet Labs showed that over a distance of 24,901 miles (That's once round the World to you and I) The Ox's average power output was 890W compared to the 2CV's (Driven by Beaker) of 208W. Dr. Bunsen calculated that The Ox's power output was enough to supply the Sussex village of Plumpton with electricity until the year 2099!! The only downside is the economy. The OX costs significantly more to run than the Dolly running solely on wheat beer, Le Piat Dor and raw meat.

The Dolly, no match for the Ox!!
Lancaster II Bomber The Avro lancanster Bomber, the might of the briitish air force not only being powered by four most wonderful rolls royce merlin 12 cyliner engines has one enourmous payload..Its huge proportions and its ability to let such an emourmous load off , has been the envy of the hun for many years... whilst the Krauts have there little doodl;e bugs us brits can be proud of our big thursting bomber with its big load dropping capacity.chocks away charle , its time for tea at jerrys seee you at dollys for supper and whorelicks

PIcs of the doc
The 3rd picture clearly shows Kevin having his electrotherapy treatment.
picture c/o muppet labs.
Dr Ian And Kev in Action As Below

YouTube Video

Boy_plays_doctor_2.gif - (5K)

More OX Facts

The actual animal known as the Ox was named after Ian "The OX" Anderson in 3500 BC.

The Ox auditioned for the part of 1978 series of The Incredible Hulk but lost out in an arm wrestle to Lou Ferrigno who went on to take the part. It's thought the Ox actually let Lou win because he is allergic to green body paint. He managed to keep this a secret until he appeared on the Pink Windmill Show in 1984. After an altercation with Grotbags he came out in a nasty rash.