Property Committee

Property Committee

The principal functions of the Property Committee are

To undertake regular maintenance, especially of mechanical and electrical items, through maintenance contracts
To monitor the condition of the premises and when appropriate propose schemes of maintenance and repair
To consider enhancements that may be beneficial for the ongoing work of the church

The Property Committee reports to the Church Council.

The principal Officers are

Chairman:        Phil Spencer
Secretary:        Richard Duffield

Can you help us?

There are many tasks to be done to ensure that our premises are warm, welcoming, safe, clean, in good condition and compliant with legislative requirements.  Click here to find the list which outlines some of these tasks and the person currently taking responsibility for them.  However there are a number of vacancies, and additionally for many tasks it is helpful to have a deputy to cover when the primary contact is not available.  You will see there are thirty one posts in total, with twelve positions still to be covered.  Of these vacancies five are to be deputies to work with the primary Task Co-ordinator or cover for that person when he or she is not available. 

Would you be able to help us by filling any of these vacancies?  If you would like more information about any of these roles please speak with me or any other member of the Property Committee.

Thank you

Phil Spencer


Task Descriptions can be found here