Property Committee

Property Committee

The principal functions of the Property Committee are

To undertake regular maintenance, especially of mechanical and electrical items, through maintenance contracts
To monitor the condition of the premises and when appropriate propose schemes of maintenance and repair
To consider enhancements that may be beneficial for the ongoing work of the church

The Property Committee reports to the Church Council.

Secretary:        Helen Livesey

Can you help us?

Property Committee

We aim to use our skills in the service of God and for the Church by looking after, developing and caring for our building and property,  so we may provide a safe and secure environment for our members, our communities, our visitors and all who use the building.

If you are good at or even just interested in managing, mending or looking after buildings and property, why not join us and share in the work and fellowship of the Property Committee. 

It’s open to all and we meet about 3 or 4 times a year.