How to join WYDO

posted 24 Sept 2012, 14:48 by Stef Venn   [ updated 11 Aug 2016, 07:04 ]
Firstly, EVERYONE is welcome - regardless of age or ability!

Come along to one of our regular Super League sessions, we have a calendar on this web site which gives all of our dates.  We hold our super league at Rodbourne Cheney WMC on the 1st Wednesday of each month and our sessions start at 7pm.  The cost is £1.50 per person and we aim to be finished between 9-9.30pm.

During the evening everyone gets involved and we arrange for each player to play at least 2 matches per session.
For further information call one of our committee members (contact details under 'Committee' on this web site) or alternatively come along and join in.  Everyone is welcome.