The 17th August, 1960 was a notable date as it was the day that the preliminary meeting was held to form a federation of Wiltshire Philatelic Societies. The invitation to the meeting went out from the Devizes society to the members of Chippenham, Salisbury and Swindon societies to attend a meeting at the Elm Tree Hotel in Devizes and all sent delegates. The prime mover in the formation of a federation seems to be Dr. Renton and after discussion a draft set of rules was drawn up and the delegates went back to their societies to see if they were in agreement to the setting up of the federation.

It was three months later that on the 9th November 1960 the foundation meeting of the Wiltshire Philatelic Federation was held at the Elm Tree Hotel in Devizes and so began a federation which exists to promote philately in Wiltshire. Of the founding members of the Federation many names still live on in the trophies that are awarded to the winners in our annual 9 and 16 page competitions.

At the Annual General meeting in 1978 it was decided to change the name of the Federation to the Wiltshire and District Philatelic Federation as this would reflect more accurately the composition of the Federation.

The Federation continues to support philately within the area but as we are all aware in current times the promotion of philately is not easy, especially with younger people.