Why do we need a community center?

Community centers are not just for seniors, not just for kids, not just for families. They can offer an enormous variety of educational, social and recreational activities, tailored to what the members of the community are interested in. Community potlucks, singles nights, afterschool programs and tutoring, health, wellness and exercise classes, crafts, lectures, dances, music performances...to name just a few examples. When we reach out to our neighbors and make new friends (or renew old ones), our quality of life is increased.
Enthusiastic members of the Wilton, New Hampshire community are hoping to create a meeting place for all ages with programming aimed at a wide variety of needs and interests.  Please join us with your energy and ideas as we build momentum for a vibrant Community Center!

Local Farm to Table Dinner Saturday, September 26, 2015 5-7PM
If you believe in supporting local agriculture and would enjoy a delicious meal, prepared with love, please join us at our Farm to Table fundraising event. All our ingredients are being sourced locally with farms from Wilton and Milford. We've also partnered with Wilton restaurants to prepare appetizers with local ingredients. More than just great food however is the opportunity to meet other local people including your neighbors who are working to grow Wilton Community Center into a more vibrant organization. Tickets are only $30, $20 for seniors/kids 6-12 (under 5 free) and a Maximum of $80 for families with children. Please email wiltoncommunitycenter@gmail.com or call 654-6219 to order tickets. Although sales officially closed September 20th, there are still a few remaining. None will be available at the door. 

Town Voters Support Wilton Community Center
 On March 13, 2014, those present at the Wilton Town Meeting voted to amend the town budget to allocate a total of $1500 to our organization. This is the first time this organization has received any town funding and we are grateful for the opportunities it allows us to develop and begin to offer a variety of programming. Thank you to all who have supported us.

Community Potluck Saturday February 22nd 2014 5-7PM
WCC will sponsor a Community Potluck at the Second Congregational Church of Wilton, 25  Gregg St., near the Library, on Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 5-7PM. Our inaugural event of the revitalized organization is looking to restart a regular schedule of community meals as well as a continuing education series. Please join us in an evening of socializing and idea sharing on what Wilton residents need and want their community center to offer!