Big Cypress RV Campground

This park is on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation and is run by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.  It is located 18 miles north of exit 49 on Alligator Alley (I-75), which puts it pretty much in the center of the southern part of the state.  We expected to see Everglades here, but -- while this is technically in the glades -- this area is actually prairie: quite high and dry.  The park is very nicely kept, and it has a pool, mini-golf and a few other amusements that you don't see at the state parks. 

This is Woodrow, one of our two female kitties of a certain age who travel with us.  Here she is enjoying the sights.
Sunrise, January 2, 2009.
 A cormorant in a nearby canal.
A pretty nice White Peacock butterfly, very common in South Florida.
   One member of a large flock
    of Killdeers (Killdeer?) that
foraged in the large field adjacent
         to the campground.
                                                                     Tri-Colored (Louisiana) Heron
                     Hawk hanging out in a winter cypress.
                                         Okay, so you've seen a zillion grackles.  I thought they looked good in the cypress.

                                                                  A Turkey Vulture, warming up, or drying out, or something.   

Swallows.  If you know what kind, please email me.