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Allen Press

        Allen Press Journals      

American Meteorological Society        

American Animal Hospital Association

American Association for Clinical Chemistry

American Association of Critical Care Nurses

American Association of Immunologists

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

Annual Reviews Journals

Comprehensive Collection

Association for Computing Machinery

ACM Digital Library

ASTM International

BC Decker

Begell House Publishing Inc

Bentham Science Publishers

Bentham Open Access Journals

Association of Clinical Scientists

Berkeley Electronic Press  

Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Gallica Journals

Bioline International

Active Journals


BMC Journals (Open Access Content only)



Botanical Society of America

British Veterinary Association

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Journals Online

Canadian Medical Association

Centre for Open Electronic Publishing



British Periodicals Collection I (US)


CIAO Journals

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Publishing

CQ Press

CQ Press Journals 

de Gruyter ReferenceGlobal

de Gruyter ReferenceGlobal journals


DigitZeitschriften Journals       

DigitZeitschriften Open Access Journals      

Duke University School of Law

East View Online Services

'Voprosy istorii' complete collection

Ecological Society of America

Edinburgh University Press

EDP Sciences

Endocrine Society

Equinox Publishing Ltd


Érudit (English site)

Érudit - Open Access (English site)


Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 

Gale Group

Business & Industry       

Contemporary Womens Issues 


Eighteenth Century Collections Online

Gale Directory Library

Health & Wellness Resource Center   

Health Reference Center Academic

Literature Criticism Online   

Literature Resource Center      

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center         

¡Informe! (Revistas en Español)

Times Digital Archive       

Genetics Society of America

Geological Society (London)

Harvey Whitney Books Company

Heldref Publishing

Higher Education Press

Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Histochemical Society

The History Cooperative

History Cooperative Journals

History Cooperative Open Access Journals

Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc

IEEE (Xplore)

IIndian Academy of Sciences

International Bee Research Association

International Press         

International Union of Crystallography        

Internet Scientific Publications LLC    


Journal@rchive (English)         


Journals (Open Access)  

John Libbey Eurotext Ltd         

Korean Information Science Society (KISS)

Knovel Library

Landes Bioscience

Lexis Nexis

Licensed E-journals

Making of America

Manchester University Press

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.,

Massachusetts Medical Society

Materials Research Society

MD Consult

MIT Press Journals America

Mycological Society of    

The NASA Astrophysics Data System

National Academy of Sciences   

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

National Council of Teachers of English       

National Institute of Informatics, Japan       

National Library of Medicine     




NRC Research Press



Optical Society of America

Peeters Online Journals

Peeters Online Journals (Do Not Show Coverage Gaps)  


Pion Ltd.

Portland Press

Poultry Science Association

Project Euclid (Cornell)

Project Euclid Direct Journals

Project Euclid Journals

Project Euclid Open Access Journals

Project Euclid Prime Journals

Project Euclid Select Journals

Project HOPE

Psychonomic Society Publications

Red de Revistas Cientificas América Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal

Royal Society of New Zealand  



Seismological Society of America       

Society for Endocrinology  

Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine      

Society for General Microbiology        

Society for Leukocyte Biology  

Society for Neuroscience

Society for Sedimentary Geology       

Society for the Study of Reproduction

SORA -- Searchable Ornithological Research Archive    

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

University of California Press

Anthrosource journals

Journals of the University of California Press

World Scientific Publishing