Regency Village Theatre -- formerly the Fox Westwood Village

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Los Angeles, CA 90014 

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Architect: Percy Parke Lewis -- evidently his only theatre project.

Opened:  August 14, 1931.  Originally known as the Fox Westwood Village, the theatre was a joint venture of Fox West Coast Theatres and Janss Development, the developer of Westwood Village.

The new theatre was profiled in an October 24, 1931 Motion Picture Herald article "Catering To A University Community" that included six photos of the theatre. One of the photos of the lobby appeared again in the November 21 issue as part of a photo spread on foyers.  A small photo of the house left organ grille also appeared in the November 21 issue.

The theatre was added to the Regency Theatres chain along with the Bruin (across the street) in 2010 after the Mann Theatres lease ended. Mann had been calling it the Village Theatre. Regency started by calling it the Westwood Village Theatre but by the end of 2010 had reverted to calling it just the Village.

The L.A. Times ran a story about the transition: " 2 Historic Westwood Theaters Saved From Possible Closure" in April 2010.

Seating: 1,489 at one time, 1,341 currently.

Status: Still a top first run house. For decades it was operated Fox West Coast and then its successor companies National General Corporation and Mann Theatres. It was declared a City of Los Angeles Cultural-Historic Landmark in 1988,

The Westwood Village Theatre has always been known for its top quality sound and projection -- 35mm, 70mm and digital. It has long been a favored house for major premieres.  These days it's all digital.

The Westwood Village Theatre on video: See the short video "Insiders Peek #4: Village, Bruin, Crest" on the LAHTF YouTube channel.

The Fox Westwood in the Movies:  

Looking north on Broxton toward the Fox Westwood
the two-reeler "What Price Taxi" (Hal Roach/MGM,

Thanks to Chris Bungo for the screenshot.
larger view

Here we get the Weyburn side
 of the theatre in "What Price Taxi."
larger view

We also get some nice views of the theatre in
"Thundering Taxis" (Hal Roach/MGM, 1933).
Here again we're looking north on Broxton.
larger view

Chris Bungo done a fun compilation on YouTube of
eighteen minutes of then-and-now shots from the "Taxi Boys"
series, including many vintage views of Culver City. For the Fox
Westwood shots from "Thundering Taxis," start at 8:32.  The theatre
views from "What Price Taxi" start at 12:47.
Thanks, Chris!

We get a look at the Fox Westwood in the Jerry Lewis film
"The Errand Boy" (Paramount, 1961). He's working for Paramutual
Pictures and is given the task of being a spy to find out why the
studio is hemorrhaging so much money. Thanks to veteran
L.A. projectionist Mike Schleigel for the tip on this one!
larger view

We go inside for a preview but the interiors aren't of the
Fox. See our Theatres In Movies post on "The Errand Boy"
for that interior view, a visit to a faux Chinese, and several
nice aerial views of Hollywood.

Richard Gere spends a lot of time wandering around
Westwood in Paul Schrader's "American Gigolo" (Paramount,
1980). Here we get an establishing shot of Westwood
 with the Fox Westwood Village Theatre at the left. 
larger view

In "American Gigolo" we also get a look at the Bruin's
entrance and get a shot of the Egyptian as Gere cruises
 Hollywood Blvd. See our Theatres In Movies post for those.

We're in lots of exotic places like Berlin, Switzerland
and on Wilshire Blvd. in John G. Avildson's surprisingly good
thriller about the oil business "The Formula" (MGM, 1980).

The film stars George C. Scott, Marthe Keller, John Gielgud
and, of all people, Marlon Brando as an oil tycoon. Here near
the end of the film we get a look, at the right, of the tower of
 the Fox Westwood from Brando's office window.

Earlier, we catch George C. Scott leaving the Vagabond.
See our Theatres In Movies post on "The Formula"
 for shots from the Vagabond scene.

Steve Martin goes to the Village Theatre for the

of "Chubby Rain," his film-within-a-film in Frank
"Bowfinger" (Universal, 1999). Here we're finding
the only remaining seats are in the front row.
larger view

After the conclusion of the film in "Bowfinger."

See our "Bowfinger" Theatres In Movies post
for more shots from the "Chubby Rain" premiere.

More information: See the Regency Village Theatre page on Cinema Treasures for a nice history of the building as well as 32 photos. 

Good photos (including nice shots of the interior) are on Cinema Tour. Wikipedia also has an article on the Westwood Village Theatre.

The UCLA S. Charles Lee Papers Collection has two backstage photos they identify as the Fox Westwood but the height of the stagehouse and the fairly elaborate rigging installation would suggest that they are some other theatre. On Calisphere: across from stage left | closer view of dimmerboard and rigging

An exterior column capitol detail.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

A detail on the stairs to the balcony.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

  This looks like the only thing in the lobby
that hasn't been painted over many times.  

The stairs looking down from balcony level.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

A view down the main lobby toward the

snack bar.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

The theatre's main entrance is a little farther off to the left.

The ceiling of the auditorium. It's in great

  condition (except for the downlights). 

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

Aside from column capitals on the sidewalls, not much else
original is visible. The front is all draped
with some Skouras style
scrolls along the side
side walls near the screen.  It's all plush
and extremely well maintained. A great place to see a movie!

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Christopher Crouch got a tour of the
 Village in 2014 that he discusses in his post
 "A Visit To The Village Theatre." Among his
10 photos from the visit is this look backstage. 
full size view

    Cinema Tour    

This always interesting site's
Village Theatre page
has interior shots by Scott Neff including this 2003
auditorium photo.

full size view

Also see:

snack bar | stair landing|

    Docoleg on Flickr

A fine shot showing off tower of the
Fox Westwood
Village Theatre at dusk.
full size view

    Fox  LA  

When this site did a salute to local
they featured this nice wide angle
view of th
the Village Theatre.  
slightly larger view

    Elizabeth Fuller - Old L.A. Postcards

A 50s postcard looking up Westwood Blvd.
 toward the Fox Westwood Village Theatre.
Also in the collection:
| c.1948 card - also see the Garden of Allah version |

    Huntington Digital Library

A stunning 1931 panorama from Pettit's Studio in the
Huntington Library's Verner Collection of Panoramic Negatives.
full size view

A detail from the 1931 photo as we look up
Broxton toward
the Fox Westwood Village.
larger detail view

A detail from a March 1932 panorama by C.C. Pierce
looking north from Wilshire & Westwood.
larger detail view | the full panorama

An October 1932 view of Westwood Village from the Huntington
Library's Verner Collection of Panoramic Negatives.
full size view

A detail from the 1932 photo.
larger detail view

An extraordinary 1933 look at the theatre from the south. It's a
C.C. Pierce photo in the collection of the Huntington Library. 
full size view

On the Huntington Library pages you can
use the slider to get a larger image -- then you
can pan around to explore details.

A detail from the photo above.
larger detail view

An amazing 1934 Pettit's Studio panorama of Westwood Village.
full size view

A detail of a small section of the photo above.
larger detail view

Another panorama in the collection:
| March 1934 - Petit's Studio - gas stations on Wilshire |

    Motion Picture Herald

A house left organ grille view appearing in the
November 21, 1931 issue of Motion Picture Herald.
full size view | on Internet Archive

 The same issue also had a lobby photo
as part of a spread on foyers. 

The new theatre was profiled in an October 24, 1931
Herald article "Catering To A University Community" that
included six photos. The photos in the article also appear
 in the Los Angeles Public Library's photo collection --
see them with the LAPL listing on this page.

    Photos of Los Angeles

A 1939 view looking up Westwood Blvd. toward the Fox
Westwood Village Theatre. It was added by Ken McIntyre
to his Photos of Los Angeles collection on Facebook. 

full size view on PoLA

A postcard view looking toward
the Fox Westwood Village. 
full size view on PoLA

Ice skating in Westwood Village c.1940. It's a photo
 added to the Photos of Los Angeles collection by Bill Gabel.
That's the Fox Westwood Village up there on the left.

full size view | on Photos of LA

A 1951 premiere shot of the reopening
 following the Skouras remodeling of the interior.

full size view | on Photos of LA

A closer look at the 1951 reopening
 premiere -- "Beauty and Luxury."
 full size view | on Photos of LA

Thanks to Howard Gray for his 2016
entrance view. See his full set on Photos
of Los Angeles for his six photo set.

full size view | on Photos of LA

A Howard Gray photo of the Boxoffice.

full size view | on Photos of LA

The entrance doors. It's a 2016 Howard Gray
photo. Note the brick pattern -- it mirrors the
 star in the auditorium ceiling.
full size view | on Photos of LA

A look up the tower. Thanks to
 Howard Gray for his 2016 photo.
full size view | on Photos of LA

    Regency Village & Bruin on Facebook

A look up Broxton Ave. in 1943. 
full size view

A 1939 look across the ice of the Tropical Ice Gardens
 toward the tower of the Fox Westwood Village. The rink
was at the southwest corner of Gayley and Weyburn.
full size view

A December 1947 Life magazine shot looking toward
the Fox Westwood Village. Both theatres are running
Hitchcock's "The Paradine Case" with Gregory Peck,
Alida Valli and Louis Jordan for the premiere. 
full size view

A look at the premiere in 1951 after the
interior remodeling. That's Charles Skouras,
 head of Fox West Coast Theatres, on the left.
full size view | on the Regency FB page

A 2012 view of the tower with a projection
promoting "The Hunger Games."
full size view

A look out the exit doors. Note the 40s vintage
Skouras cartouches above the doors. 
full size view

A look at the house left side of the auditorium
showing some details that didn't get covered with
drapes during the 40s Skouras remodel.
full size view

A view from the rear of the theatre. 
full size view

Check out their Vintage Photo and
Regency Village sets for many more views

    Westwood Village in the 70s & 80s

Looking toward the Fox Westwood in
December 1974. It was added to the album
by Lisa Kurtz Sutton.
 full size view

A view of the Fox Westwood Village,

now the Regency Village Theatre.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

[ click any of these for a full size view ]

 Looking up Broxton Ave. toward
Westwood Village Theatre.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

A night view

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

A view of the marquee.

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

 The top of the tower.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

[ click on the images for a larger view ]

A winged beast at the front corner of the building.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

The rear of the theatre.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

Display cases at the entrance.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

The entrance doors

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

The sculpture on the landing
near the restrooms.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

  The decor is a mix of original touches
and a Skouras era re-do.

The stair landing.

photo: Bill Counter - 2007

A great auditorium view.

  photo: Mark Peacock - 2010

The photo also appears on the LAHTF Facebook page.
It was taken during a LAHTF "all about" theatre tour. 

Also see Mark's Vintage Theatres photo set on Flickr
and visit his blog: On the Road With Mark Peacock

    B'hend and Kaufmann Collection

A Nate Singer photo of the Fox Westwood from 1950
 with "Sundowners" and Disney's "Cinderella" on
the marquee. Note the end panel: "The Place To Go."

full size view

The Tom B'hend and Preston Kaufmann Collection
is part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences Margaret Herrick Library Digital Collection.

    Cinema Treasures

Hollywood 90038 has taken this lovely 2008
view of
the ceiling of the Village Theatre.
full size view

Another look at the famous star-design ceiling.
 Relatively unchanged -- except for the 50s addition
of the downlights. 
It's a photo by Hollywood 90038.
full size view

Also see:

| 2010 booth view - Norelcos - by Senorsock  |

..and lots more views by many other contributors
are on the Cinema Treasures page as well.

    Experiencing Los Angeles

A nice view of the lobby on David's blog. It's one of
 many views of the theatre from his 2009 post on the
 "Fox Westwood Village Theatre."
 full size view

A view of the front of the Skouras-style
auditorium by David. 
full size view

    Garden of Allah Novels   

A  c.1948 color postcard looking toward
the Fox Westwood on Martin Turnbull's Garden
of Allah site.
Thanks to Stephen Russo
for spotting this one.

full size view | on FB/LATheatres

The postcard also appears in Elizabeth Fuller's
Old Los Angeles Postcards collection on Flickr.

    Hollywood Photographs

The extensive Bruce Torrence Collection has
this 1938 view of the Village Theatre marquee.
full size view | data page

Browse the collection: theatre photographs

     In 70MM

Here we're looking at a Norelco
DP70 35/70MM
 machine in the
Village Theatre booth.The undated
 photo is by Alysson DeFaria. 

full size view

It's a photo on this site's
DP70s in California page.
Thomas Hauerslev's wonderful site is the place to visit
 for information about 70mm projector history, news
 of 70mm festivals and more.

It looks like we have 5 different soundheads. In addition to
 the 6 & 4 channel mag head and optical head in the Norelco,
 we have stacked on top a DTS reader, a Sony SDDS head
 and Dolby Digital capability.

Also see:
 | 1994 Thomas Hauerslev photo  |


    Library of Congress

A 2005 photo by Carol Highsmith. Thanks to
Jonathan Raines for finding it in the collection.
full size view | on the LOC site

| more Carol Highsmith photos of L.A. buildings |

    L.A. Public Library Photo Collection   

Here's the auditorium in an early view
from the
Library's collection. 
full size view

A 30s lobby view from the LAPL collection.
full size image

Another early look at the lobby.
full size view 

The stairs at restroom level in an early 30s view.
The doors at left lead into the auditorium.
full size view

A look at the alcove outside the restrooms
on the mezzanine level. 

full size view

A lounge area off the lobby
-- again in an early 30s view.
full size view

The six photos above all appear as part of an article
about the new theatre in the October 24, 1931 Motion Picture Herald
article on Internet Archive: "Catering To A University Community."

A 1932 look up toward the Fox Westwood from
the Library's Blackstock Negative Collection.
full size view

An exterior view from the Library's collection.
The Bruin Theatre is peeking out on the right.
full size view

A closer 1938 view when the theatre
was running "My Lucky Star." 
full size view

A marquee close up from 1938.
 full size view

A c.1938 Ralph Morris photo looking toward
 Chapman's drugs and the Fox Westwood.
full size view


    Public Art in L.A. 

Another night view of the tower and the
"Fox" sign. This terrific website has lots of photos
of neon and other theatre signage. Check out the
Wilshire Neon Signs page.  full size view

    Don Solosan - LAHTF | group Facebook page | official FB page

A 2010 view of the auditorium by Mr. Solosan
during an LAHTF "all about" tour of the theatre.
full size view

    Vintage Los Angeles

A 1936 view from a blimp -- note the shadow
at the bottom. The Fox Westwood Village is
in the upper left. It was added to the Vintage
 Los Angeles collection by Johnny Nicoloro. 
full size view

In the photo above note that across the street from the
Fox the site of the Bruin is still an empty lot.

A great postcard view added to Vintage Los Angeles
by Obet Maldonado, who was managing the
Village and Bruin Theatres. 
full size view

A wonderful 1949 Life magazine view looking toward
the Fox Westwood Village Theatre. It was posted by
Kenneth McIntyre on Vintage Los Angeles.
full size view
|a re-post

Also visit Kenneth's Photos of Los Angeles
group on Facebook.

A breathtaking 1961 look toward the theatre
from the collection of Richard Wojcik. His post
 on Vintage LA also includes a recent view.
Richard notes: "Looking north towards Wilshire/Westwood Blvd.
 and Westwood Village. The altering of the area's skyline began here
with construction of the two hi-rises on the north corners---the Linde
Medical Center (currently the Westwood Medical Plaza) and Occidental
Petroleum Center (recently purchased by UCLA)."

A 1976 view from the Richard Wojcik collection
with the Village Theatre set for the world
premiere engagement of "A Star is Born." 
It's a photo by Alan Light.
full size view

Richard Wojcik added this 1977 "Saturday
Night Fever" look at the Fox Westwood to the
collection on Vintage Los Angeles.
full size view | on FB/LAtheatres

A 1987 look toward the Fox Westwood Village and
Bruin Theatres from the Richard Wojcik collection.
full size view | on Vintage LA

   Anton Wagner - California Historical Society

A view of the theatre shortly after its
construction taken by Anton Wagner.
Thanks to Kim Cooper of Esotouric for posting the photo
on the LAHTF Facebook page.  See Esotoric's page with many
photos by Wagner on their Secrets of Los Angeles blog.

Many more photos from the early 30s by Mr. Wagner can
be viewed on the California Historical Society website.

    YouTube - Redford at the Fox Westwood    

This 1965 view of the tower sign lettering of
Fox Westwood is part of a 1 1/2 minute home
 movie clip featuring
Robert Redford at the Fox.
It was shot by Roddy McDowell.
On YouTube:
 Robert Redford at the Westwood Fox 1965