Theatre De Luxe

656 S. Alvarado St.

Los Angeles, CA 90057

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Opened: 1914 or earlier. It's listed in the 1914, 1915 and 1917 city directories as the Theatre De Luxe. In 1918 and 1919 L.A. Times ads it was spelled Theater De Luxe.

Earlier: The 1912 and 1913 city directories list a Westlake Theatre at 680 S. Alvarado. In 1914 they were advertising as being on "S. Alvarado near 7th St."  It's unknown if it was this building or not. The current Westlake Theatre at 638 S. Alvarado dates from 1926.

In the 1916, 21 and 22 directories it's just the De Luxe.  It was the De Luxe Theatre in 1918 and in 1923.

The address is sometimes shown as 654 -- such as in 1914. The L.A. City Planning website lists 650, 656, 658 S. Alvarado (@ Wilshire) as a structure dating from 1910.

A 1920 ad for the Theatre Deluxe located by Ken
 McIntyre for his Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page.
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The venue also appears in a 1923 Paramount ad as the Deluxe Theater and is listed as the De Luxe Theatre in the 1923 city directory -- at 656 S. Alvarado.

Status: The theatre evidently closed prior to 1929 as it's not in the city directory for that year. The building that once housed the Theatre De Luxe and other businesses is now a 99 cent store.

Christina Stroffolino advises that it was previously a Thrifty Drug store (perhaps from the 50s onward) with a Thrifty's Restaurant around on the Wilshire side of the building.

Wilshire and Alvarado in 1957. The photo was on

 Facebook in Alison Martino's Mid Century Modern
collection. It was posted by Laura DeMarco.
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A Google Maps view of the Theatre De Luxe building from
2010 -- parts of the structure evidently remain from 1910.

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Note the Westlake Theatre in the background.

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Note that Wilshire Blvd. only got extended through Westlake Park (later
 MacArthur Park) in 1934. On the east side of the park, it was Orange Ave.

The image here is a portion of a 1908 map from the USC Archives.