National Theatre Westwood

10925 Lindbrook Dr.

Los Angeles, CA 90024

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Opened: March 27, 1970 by NGC, the then operator of the remnants of the Fox West Coast chain.

Acquired by Mann Theatres when they bought the chain and operated by them until March 2007.

The National hosted many record breaking exclusive runs over the years and was known for its giant screen and terrific 70mm presentations.

Seating: 1112

Status: After Mann exited the theatre it was running for awhile as an independent but closed again in October 2007. Demolished in 2008.

More information:   All the National Theatre fans have posted their laments (and notes about the great movies they saw at the National) on Cinema Treasures.   And if you want photos -- especially lots of demolition views, there are over 250 views to look at.

The Cinema Tour page, along with lots of photos, has a nice history of the theatre.

See the page on Cinema Sightlines for a page curated by TJ Edwards that includes a reproduction of an extensive trade magazine article (with lots of photos) about the new theatre.

See the L.A. Curbed story "Love Letters To  Demolished Mann Theatre."

     Cinema Tour

Lots of pictures by Mark Campbell, Adam Martin
and Scott Neff of the late, lamented National are here on
the National page of this great website.

Not that there's a lot to see inside -- the
auditorium is the fully draped 70's look as you
see in this Mark Campbell photo. 
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    Photos of Los Angeles

We don't get very many cartoons about movie theatres.
One that comes to mind is the New Yorker cartoon with
the little girl in the rotunda of the Roxy saying
 "Mommy, does God live here?"

Here Ken McIntyre found one about the
National's 1973 run of "The Exorcist."
full size view

 Robert Valding notes that this was actually an
ad that the National ran in the L.A. Times.

    UCLA - L.A. Times Photo Collection |

A 1984 view L.A. Times shot of the line
 for "Beverly Hills Cop."It's a photo by
Craig T. Matthew for the l.A. Times.

The photo also appears as a post of Nile Hight
on the Facebook page Mid century Modern.

A view of the National Theatre in 2007.

photo: Bill Counter

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    Mid Century Modern    

... and Historical Los Angeles in the '60s, '70s and '80s

An R.I.P. view added to the
collection by Alison Martino. 

full size view

    Vintage Los Angeles

The National in 1973 for "The Exorcist."
full size view

A 1974 look at the National from Richard
Wojcik's collection. Note the art for "Phantom
 of the Paradise" on the sidewall.
 full size view