Lake Theatre

2118 W. 7th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90057

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Opened:  Early 20s. The building dates from 1923.

The Lake was just a block south of Wilshire in the MacArthur Park area.

Architect:  Unknown

Seating:   640

Status:  Still running as late as 1962. Now retail.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Lake Theatre for links to recent photos. A view by Cinema Treasures researcher Ken McIntyre: Lake Theatre

The Lake Theatre in a "Dragnet"
episode as we look east on 7th.

Thanks to Walter Santucci for the screenshot.

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Another look east at the Lake Theatre block.

photo: Sean Ault Archive by Osiris Press.

Thanks again, Sean. Where's the theatre? Well, except
for a sliver of the marquee it's hiding behind the streetcar.

A 1962 view west on 7th from Alvarado
with the Lake Theatre on the left.

photo: Sean Ault Archive by Osiris Press. 

We're a block south of Wilshire. That's MacArthur Park over on
the right. The Lake is running "The War Lover" with Steve McQueen
and "Comanche Station" with Randolph Scott.

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A 1960 look at the Lake Theatre.

photo: Sean Ault Archive by Osiris Press. 

Sorry, there's no larger view for this one. The Lake is running
"Cimarron" with Glenn Ford and Maria Schell. The second
feature is "Where The Boys Are."

Thanks, Sean!

Sean Ault is a noted historian of transit
 in the Los Angeles area. You can see many more items
from his Osiris Press transit archive on YouTube.

A Google Maps view of the Lake Theatre building
from 2009 -- as a Metro PCS store.

Click on the image for a larger view or
head to Google for the
interactive version.