Georgia Theatre

1002 W. 9th St.   | map |

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Opened: 1914 or earlier. They're advertising in 1914 as Gore's Theatre, M. Gore, proprietor.

It's in the 1914 city directory as Gore's Theatre (with the address listed wrongly as 102 W. 9th).  It was again listed as Gore's in the 1915 directory.

In 1916 Nacim Rahpany was listed as the proprietor of a theatre at 1004 W. 9th St.. In 1917, it's the New Georgia at the same address.

In the 1918 through 1923 directories it's listed as the New Georgia at 1002 W. 9th.

It was just the Georgia from at least 1929 through 1936. The name Georgia comes from its location just west of Georgia St.  In 1939 it's listed as the Capitol, perhaps a typo.

Architect:  Unknown

Seating:   385

Status:  Demolished. The closing date is unknown. It's in the path of the 110 Freeway.

More Information:  Cinema Treasures has a page on the Georgia Theatre but there isn't much known about this one.