Brentwood Theatre - VA Campus

11301 Wilshire Blvd.   | map

Los Angeles, CA 90073

(310) 479-3003


Opened: 1942 on the Veteran's Administration campus as an entertainment facility for veterans.  During the 40s the theatre was used for USO shows, movies and lectures.

Architect:  Unknown


Status: After 40 years of only sporadic use, the Brentwood got a renovation by Richmark Entertainment, headed by Richard Willis, in 2004. The venue is used for legit theatre as well as occasional film screenings.

Richmark also manages the adjacent Wadsworth Theatre.

     Library of Congress

A view taken from the back of the house by James
for the Historic American Buildings Survey
full size view | on the LOC site

Thanks to Brad Lewis for finding the shot
in the Library of Congress collection and
 posting it on Photos of Los Angeles

     Richmark Entertainment

A look toward the stage at the
Brentwood from the Richmark website.

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     Experience LA    

A view of the facade of the theatre on the
Experience LA page devoted to
 the Brentwood Theatre.

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Looking toward the rear of the auditorium.

A view of the Brentwood Theatre stage.