Leo S. Bing Theatre - LACMA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art 

5905 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

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(323) 857- 6000
    Ticket Office:  (323) 857-6010

Website:  www.lacma.org | film listings 

Seating: 600

The Leo S. Bing Theatre is a nicely equipped theatre that shows lots of revivals, foreign films and more.

Tickets are $10 for non-members and $7 for museum members or seniors.

Parking is available in the $5-8 range or free on the street in the evenings.


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A look at the Bing Theatre from the
LACMA Film Programs page.
full size view

A photo from a Blogspot post where we're
looking down from the booth.
slightly larger view



The LACMA from Wilshire Blvd.

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

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     Jason Brown on Flickr  


Jason's' LACMA Research set on Flickr has
many photos of the Bing Theatre. Here's
 a view from the rear of the house.
full size view

A view toward the rear of the auditorium.

A look down the lobby