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10840 Wilshire Blvd.

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(310) 475-0711  

Website: www.ipictheaters.com 

Opened: 1972 as a tri-plex by General Cinema as the GCC Avco Cinemas. The large theatre was twinned in the 90's. It had been equipped for 70mm presentations.

After General Cinema headed into bankruptcy, the theatre was operated by AMC as the AMC Avco Cinemas.  AMC closed the house in December 2011 after they were unable to come to an agreement with the landlord, Avco Corp., about the terms of a new lease.

Seating: 1,100, 700 and 400 when it was a triplex. The big one was later split in half.

Status: The building was renovated by Florida based iPic to become a luxury 6 screen cinema with food service in the auditoriums as well as a full service restaurant, Tanzy. Westwood-Cenrury City Patch had the story in August 2012. 

The reopening was scheduled for early 2013 but they ran into asbestos problems. LA Observed had the story in May 2013.

iPic also runs the iPic Theaters Pasadena luxury complex at the One Colorado development in Old Town Pasadena.

More information: See the Avco Cinema page on Cinema Treasures. The Cinema Tour page has some nice photos by Scott Neff and Bob Meza.


A 2015 view of the revamped building as the iPic Cinemas.

photo: Alison Martino on Vintage Los Angeles

Thanks, Alison!  She added the photo as a comment
to her post of a 1977 "Star Wars" opening day photo.

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    Mid Century Modern    

... and Historical Los Angeles in the '60s, '70s and '80s


A 1977 view looking toward the Avco Cinemas
during the run of "Star Wars"
added by Nile
Hight to the always interesting Facebook
collection Mid Century Modern.
full size view | on MCM

Another "Star Wars" shot.  It's an Associated
 Press photo published in June 1977 that was
 posted by Alison Martino.
full size view

The photo above also appears with a Tested.com article
about "Remembering the Opening Day..." as well as on
 Vintage Los Angeles and a
Dave Ewalt / Forbes.com blog post.

 The film opened May 25, 1977, also playing at the
Chinese. See Michael Coate's extensive 2015 article
 "A Force To Be Reckoned With" about the "Star Wars"
engagements appearing on the site on The Digital Bits.

     Roadside Peek    


Here's a shot of the Avco
in 1998 from this
great site's
Westwood Theatres page.

Sorry, but there's no larger view.

A 2007 view of the building when
it was the AMC Avco Cinemas.

photo: Bill Counter

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A 2008 look at the Avco Cinemas.

photo: Don Solosan - Los Angeles
Historic Thestre Foundation

www.lahtf.org|LAHTF on Facebook

     iPic Theaters website    


A 2012 drawing of the new look for the
complex from the company's website.

Also see:
|lobby photo|

     Silver Screens    


The website Silver Screens features a two page 1999
 Los Angeles Theatres piece with photos by Don Ceppi that
explores many area theatres.

Here we're at the Avco Cinemas in 1998.
Sorry,  but there isn't any larger view.


by Marc Wanamaker
Arcadia Publishing Images of America Series, 2010

Arcadia Publishing  |  Google Books preview

A 2009 photo by Mr. Wanamaker.
full size view