Alvarado Theatre

710 S. Alvarado St.  | map |

Los Angeles, CA 90057

Opened: 1911

Architect:  Original architect is unknown.

Seating:  750

Status:  The building was gutted and is now being used for retail.

History: S. Charles Lee did a remodel in 1936. The theatre went to adult films in the 60s as the Park Theatre.

It was twinned and and returned to mainstream fare in the 70s. It closed in 1986.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Alvarado Theatre for a few stories.

Ken Roe has contributed some nice historical information to the Alvarado Theatre page on Cinema Tour.

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    UCLA - S. Charles Lee Papers |

A 1936 Luckhaus Studio pre-remodel view of the
Alvarado Theatre from the UCLA S.C. Lee collection.
full size view

The photo also appears
on Photos of Los Angeles.

A 1936 Luckhaus Studio shot of the marquee.
 full size view

The facade after the1936 remodel by S. Charles Lee. 
We're running "The Great Ziegfeld," a 1936 release.
 full size view

 The former Alvarado Theatre building. 

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

There is nothing of interest left either inside or out.

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A view of the building after closing as the Park Theatre.

 photo: Gary Graver - undated

Gary Graver (1938-2006) was a filmmaker and cinematographer.
 Over several decades he took many photos of theatres in Los Angeles and
Portland, OR.  More can be seen on You Tube: "Second Run - part 1" and
"Second Run - part 2." Thanks to Sean Graver for use of the photo.

     Photos of Los Angeles

A 1970 Corbis view looking north on Alvarado St.
Kenneth McIntyre has posted this one on his
Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page. 
full size view

     USC Archives

A look at the corner of 7th & Alvarado in
1927. Note the theatre over on the right
with signage on its sidewall. 
full size view

Thanks to Robert Klaus for finding
the image in the USC Archives.

A detail of the theatre from the USC photo.