Wilq32.Balls (Kulki)

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Small Javascript Game written in pure Javascript and CSS.

Actual Version: 0.6

Last Relase: 2.01.2009

Author: Wilq32 (Pawel Witkowski) wilq32@gmail.com

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Version: 0.6:

- Thanks to Google Apps Engine, I added global online high scores database,

- Changes in overall look,

Version: 0.5:

- Added some simple animation when you get some points,

- Added whole help page for those who don't know the rules,

- Minor CSS changes, still trying to get something real nice without graphics - any ideas?,

Version: 0.4: 

- Repaired bug with bad state recovery,

- Repaired bug with last balls before ending game,

- Repaired "Bad user type" on edit boxes,

- Now, when line has been made, you got another move (new balls wont generate),

- Game starts with 3 balls (not 6)

Version: 0.3: 

 - High scores added (save functionality only in google gadget),

Version: 0.2: 

 - Added support for loading and saving (google gadget only),

- Repaired some simple bugs

Version: 0.1:

- First relase,