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TNW 2.5 2011 PBEM

TNW 2011 2.5 Tournament


3 preliminary rounds of 3 player, each player plays each power once, results will go into a League format.

Top 4 players will then play single elimination two player, 1st v 4th, 2nd v 3rd, followed by a final and 3rd/4th play off. Concurrent with this there will be a 5 v 6 play off.


This format has been chosen for two main reasons:

One, to maintain an element of imperfect knowledge and tension in the colalition whilst removing most potential for camp change (the number one complaint regarding the multi-player game)

Two, by having everyone play each power once any balance issues between the powers should be cancelled out.

As an aside this compliments rather than conflicts with the 5 player format played FtF at WBC.

Preliminary Round Drawing:

This will be as random as possible, Individuals will not play the same opponent twice before the semis, therefore each will play three 3 player games against 6 different opponents total.

 However preferences for Vassal/Cyberboard, non-move file/move file use will be accommodated where possible.


Scoring in the rounds:

Win 5

Second 2

Third 0

Tie breaker will be net VP count.

Bonus VP will be granted for win by conquest under the provisions of 5.82

French win by conquest is worth +5 VP (As per definition in 5.82. Britain and/or Russia subject neutral and France has 6 or more VP)

Coalition win by conquest is worth+5 VP to each player (France Conquered, Submitted or Capitulated)

Semi finals:

1st and 2nd place player will have their choice of sides


Whoever won their semi by the largest margin will have choice of sides

3/4 play off:

Whoever lost their semi by the smallest margin will have choice of sides
5/6 Play Off:

5th place player will have their choice of sides