Welcome to Wilmington, North Carolina Unit #118 in District 7 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).
Primary Location:  Bridge Center of Wilmington, 127 S. College Road, Suites 40/41, Wilmington, NC 
Phone: (910) 799-9643

 Monday Bridge Center 499er    Game* 12:30 pm Marie Killoran 452- 3057
 Monday                        Bridge Center Unit Open 6:45 pmJerry DeMeyer    248-495-2713
 Monday Oak Island Rec Center
 Open 1 pm Joanne Underwood 477-9259
 Tuesday Bridge Center Open* 12:30 pm Marie Killoran 452-3057
 Tuesday Magnolia Greens Golf Clubhouse Open 12:30 pm Ben Reischer 703-593-6317
 Wednesday Bridge Center199er Game 9 am Shirley Dail 799-4287
 Bridge Center Open 12:30 Marie Killoran 452-3057
 Wednesday St James Community Ctr Open 1 pm Allen Smith 457-6674
 Thursday Bridge Center Open 10 am Shirley Dail 799-4287
 Friday Bridge Center Open 12:30 pm Larry Harding 270-9810
 Saturday Bridge Center Unit Open 12:30 pm Jerry DeMeyer 248-495-2713

Cost: Usually $6.00, special games may be more.

*The 499er game on the last Monday of each month and the open game on the first Tuesday of the month are Swiss Team events. Occasionally other games are team events.  In 2018  there are Swiss Teams games on October 13 & 19. Check the calendar to be sure.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Mary Stober at or Mary Ann Cotter at