Wilmington Unit 118


Welcome to Wilmington, North Carolina Unit #118 in District 7 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). We are located at 29 Van Campen Blvd., Unit 119 in Wilmington, NC. 

Phone: Call Marie or Larry for further information. For information about beginner lessons email Shirley Dail at thedails1966@gmail.com.

Cost of all Bridge Center sponsored games: Usually $7.00, special games may be more. Online games are $5.00.

Cost of the Leland Club game is $8.00 for members, $9.00 for non-members. 90% of games are special games.  No extra fee for special games.

Cost of all  Brunswick Club games is  $8.00 for members, $9.00 for non-members. 99er game is only $6.00. An occasional game may be more.

*The 750er game on the last Monday of each month and the open game on the first Tuesday of the month are Swiss Team events. Occasionally other games are team events.  In 2023  there are extra Swiss Teams games on October 7 & 18. Check the calendar to be sure.

We adhere to the ACBL  Zero Tolerance Policy.

If you have questions or comments, please contact  Sam Melton at sbmelton80@netscape.net