Freemasons of Illinois IL Chip Program

Contact Wilmington lodge to schedule a IL CHIP event for your organization.

Wilmington Lodge participated in ILCHIP at Kankakees Garden of Prayer on July 19. Along with the Kankakee and Chebanse Lodges we chipped around 30 children.

On July 28 We chipped 45 children at the Wilmington Cat Fish Days and on August 5th we chipped 137 children at the Local 150 picnic.

Our thanks to all the volunteers

Visit the IL CHIP Website»

The Masons of Illinois are holding identification workshops for families all around the State.  They are called IL CHIP events.  They're sponsored by local Masonic Lodges and held at neighborhood functions or at community schools.

The Masons of Illinois fund the entire cost of IL CHIP and put together everything parents need to help the authorities find their lost child.  It's the most comprehensive program of its kind - and it is free of charge to parents.

It takes only 10 minutes and supplies parents with a complete child identification package that can be taken home or carried with the family on vacation.  The information, most of which is contained on CD, is compact and totally private.  The IL CHIP program keeps only the parental permission form.

Visit the IL CHIP website for events near you!