Our Purpose

With the ten year anniversary of Sept. 11th, we thought it would be appropriate for the Town of Wilmington to have a memorial dedicated to all the people who lost their lives on that tragic day, as well as those who have served or are presently serving our nation.  Working together, we thought that it would be best to try to incorporate this memorial with our newly anticipated high school (2014).  This project will be driven by our students and as such,   we are looking for students who would be interested in serving on our 9/11 Memorial Committee.  It is our intention to have the 9/11 Memorial Committee meet and discuss ideas with the architect who is presently working on the new high school design and help with publicity and fundraising for this initiative .  We hope to have as many students involved in the process as much as possible.  We are also looking for help from the community in the form of donation and fundraising initiatives.
If you are interested in joining or learning more and are a student, please see Mr. Staffier in room 115 or Ms. Kassin in room 101.  You can also email us: mark.staffier@wpsk12.com or tracey.kassin@wpsk12.com or leave a message for us at Wimington High School (978-694-6060).
 Artwork done by Savannah Hubbard!

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