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Dickson Popoola says no child should go hungry. Here’s what we can do to help:

     Hunger is generally an appetite for food determined by habit. It may arise from the altered pressure of an empty stomach or due to a desire for nourishment on the part of the tissues. 

Child hunger has been one of the problems affecting developing or third world countries. The fight for worldwide hunger has been on since the 19th century, but has not been solved due to some incidents caused by war, crisis, disasters, poverty, unemployment etc which brings about shortage in food supply and various problems relating to food distribution that leads to worldwide hunger affecting the children drastically.


In time of crisis, people begin to think about what it takes to get food to eat. If for some reasons the food supply is threatened, the results can lead to child hunger. Consider what happened in one economically troubled country in North Africa. As a result of the discontinuation of subsidies, the price of bread doubled overnight. In protest, angry mob rampaged through the street smashing shop windows and attacking banks and post offices. Unrest spread throughout the country and a state of emergency was declared. When, in an effort to put down the riots, security forces opened fire on the crowds, 120 people were reportedly killed and many injured.


Another problem relating to shortage of food supply which gives rise to worldwide child hunger is poverty. The challenge of feeding a growing population is further complicated where there is widespread poverty. Many large cities in the developing world, such as Dhaka, Freetown, Guatemala, Lagos and La Paz, already face poverty rate of 50% or more. When discussing food supplies for such populations, analysts make the distinction between availability and accessibility. Many households cannot even meet their requirements, and the inevitable result is malnutrition. In the cities of sub-Saharan Africa, to name just one area, starvation is said to be a serious widespread problem.


In 1999, hurricanes Georges and Mitch hit the Caribbean area and Central America, causing widespread destruction, disruption to normal activities, and food shortages resulting to hunger. And whenever there is food shortage, hunger strikes; leaving the adults and the children hungry.


War has been a major source to the failure of thriving success to the fight against hunger. If destructions were made during war, how would a country survive when they need to get loans from developed countries to build infrastructural facilities that would be of help to the well being of the nation?




Another problem is the rate of the population growth in developing nations, which constitutes a big problem in the fight against the worldwide hunger.


Stepping up the flow of food into urban areas to feed all children and adults starving is an enormous task. It requires the corresponding efforts of thousands of farmers, packers, truckers, traders, and handlers, as well as the use of thousands of vehicles. Yet, in some places the increased demand for food from urban centers is outstripping the capacity of surrounding areas to provide it. Moreover, in most cities in the developing world, services such as transportation and structures such as storage buildings, markets, and slaughterhouses are already overextended.


 The providence of good employment, good government with infrastructural facilities such as tractors and fertilizers combined with well trained farmers being educated further by well trained teachers and a land blessed with fertility will solve and put an end to the fight against hunger.


The fight can’t be won until certain things are done. These things that must be done are so cumbersome or so hard that it takes divine mercy to do them, they are:


 1. Having good government  personnel

 2. Having enough humanitarians

 3. And having enough money with  good hearted individuals involved


Hunger to some extent can be vanquished from the face of the earth especially developing countries in Africa and Asia or generally the countries labeled as third world.


     The Good Book made us understand that God is the one who gives bread to the hungry ones; He indicated that the war against hunger can be won by feeding 5,000 with minimal resources leaving left over for those who may wish to have seconds.

     For hunger to disappear from the face of the earth entirely, it takes good management under the guidance of the merciful GOD.