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I love soccer. Not just because it is the most popular game in Nigeria but it teaches basic skills about survival. Hustling, aggression (non-violent) and tackling may be bad when applied to negative things but these are great skills when applied to school or office work, chores and business.


In defense and offense; hustling, aggressive play is very important. If your team lacks the skill to hustle and play aggressively, you may never know the joy of winning. Hustling in the field of play means acting in a hurried but smart calculative way. In doing that, you are not afraid of contact with whoever is in control of the ball. If you are afraid of contact, then you do not have the most important skill needed to succeed as an aggressive player.  Same goes for life, if you are afraid of confronting challenges then succeeding may be a long road that exist only in your dreams.


When you hustle and play aggressively, with time you will know the satisfaction that comes from winning.  As you learn to be brave and tough in the field of play, also learn not to be violent. As you focus on winning also learn that the most important aspect of sport is participating.


 The Soccer Legend Edison Arantes do Nascimento a.k.a Pelé

 Zinedine Zidane was banned for three games and fined E3, 260 for head-butting Italy’s Marco Materazzi during the World Cup final. Following the investigation by world governing body FIFA, Materazzi was suspended for two games and fined E2, 170 for provoking Zidane. A FIFA statement said; “Metarazzi’s comments had been defamatory but not of a racist nature.”


Zidane’s ban is academic as he has retired from football after the final. However, the 34-year old will instead work with football world governing body, FIFA for three days. According to FIFA; Zinedine Zidane has agree to do community service work with children and youngsters.


Juventus, one of the world’s most famous football teams is suffering. The admired club, popularly know as La Vecchia Signora (The Old Lady) Club of Italian football celebrates its 109th birthday this year.


But there will not be much of a party as it does so outside of Series A for the first time in its illustrious history following its demotion to the second division for its part in Italy’s match-fixing scandal. Since forming on 1 November 1897,


Juventus have known little other than success. They have scooped 29 Italian league titles, nine Italian Cups, four Italian Supercups, three UEFA Cups, two European Cups, two European Super Cups and one Cup Winners’ Cup.


But controversy is also something with which the bianconeri are familiar. And not all Italian fans will be mourning their demise as a top-league force in football.

Some of the players have moved to other clubs. The Italian defender Canavaro (the best player in the World Cup) and Brazilian midfielder Emerson have moved to Real Madrid, while French defender Thuram and Italian right back Zambrota have been signed back to Juventus