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Book Review:

H. Johnson’s Succeeding Against the Odds published by Arristad, NY is a notable bestseller. This book documents the life and times of John H. Johnson, a great American businessman; his success and achievements in his publishing business and other fields, poverty and other challenges he encountered.

John H. Johnson believed in the salient power of the possible and he was optimistic that there is no defense against an excellence that meets a public need. If neither racism nor sexism nor ignorance permanently denied a Mae Jemison, Bill Cosby, Colin Powell or Oprah Winfrey a place in the hall of fame, nothing can stop a noble idea. So, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the night.”

Deeper than that, this book is my evidence that there is nothing we can’t dream or dare to do especially when we keep the faith of our mothers and fathers and hold on tightly to the plough.

John H. Johnson is the founder and publisher of Negro Digest, Ebony, Jet, Black World and EM (Ebony Man). He was also the CEO of Johnson Publishing Company. Succeeding Against the Odds is a story of rags-to-riches; a story for anyone who wants to do what the title suggests.


Movie Reviews:

Two Can Play That Game 90 min.

The plot line could be described as a clear depiction of a paper perfect way to resolve issues in relationships. Where a mindgamer meets a trickster, you’ll discover that it takes two to play the deception game.

It’s a simple, fun filled and entertaining movie that brings a player’s perspective to the games girls play; how to keep your man and take care of competition the right way. Starring Vivica A. Fox, Morris Chestnut, Anthony Anderson, Wendy Raquel Robinson.

This comic romance is directed by Mark Brown and filmed/produced in the United States.


Madea’s Family Reunion 107 min.

This is a continuation of the adventures of the Southern Matriarch which started in the hit film Diary of a Mad Black Woman.










Witty, unstoppable, Madea tames rebellious Nikki teaching her to believe in her self and creates a way of escape for her nieces who were having a hard time coping with relationship. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion is a must watch for anyone interested in the issues of violence, bridging gaps and the role family relations play in our lives.

In what context did Madea say “Cook a big pot of grits, bring him into the kitchen, then toss the grits on him. Then after you toss them, swat him with a frying pan. You gotta get a good balanced weight, toss and swat, toss and swat...”? Find out!