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Hello Folks,

A quarter has gone by and its time to reach you again with your diet. In congatulating us for our first edition a friend wrote in to say “I wish you succes as you publish the second edition”, I wrote to her quickly to say “That’s stale wish as we are on the run for the 6th”. My appreciation goes first to you the readers - you are the only reason why we keep running to meet deadline; there’d be no deadline if you aren’t at the other end sending in your comments and criticisms which simply boils down to - Willows got into your hands and caught your attention so much that you couldn’t help but write in. Merci Beaucoup!

All work and no play... goes a saying. My line to you in this edition is simple and straight forward. After all the reading, studying, training or whatever name you call your process of growing up, make sure you lace your life with some good moments.

It’s really a problem for some people to catch some fun. When last did you go to the beach or simply sit under a tree to relax. I can hear you say there’s no time but you really need to slice out some time for recreation - visit friends, play card games, snake and ladder, ludo; no matter how childish some of these things appear as long as the objective is to have fun, it’s really worth it. Laughing alone may have a different name (kolo mentality) and laughing at others may earn you a blow but laughter is the soul’s medicine. In this age and time when children and teenagers want to behave and dress like adults; it’s so easy to throw away your childhood and miss the experience of being young. That is the only explanation for there been more boring than interesting adults; if you are busy playing adult now when you become an adult you won’t find anything interesting except making money and soon that also becomes a source of boredom if you are not skilled in how to be happy.

This edition brings you the regular with a different flavour plus some tips about the edcuation system abroad. When you get to go to Jandon or Yankee or Shengen remember that if we don’t return to build our homes, someday we’ll have only the ruins to return to when the hammer of immigration (legal or illegal) falls on us.

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