The origins of the Willows Lamb Derby
 In the winter of 1933, local business men were suffering from the throes of great depression. W.A. "Bill" Weinrich, as a Director of  the Willows Chamber of Commerce, had an idea to bring  new membership and trade to the community of Willows, California.
As the elder community members will recite - Bill was scoffed at over the whole idea. How do you pull off a celebration with sheep as the motif? and Bills reply - "There's just nothing cuter than a wooly lamb. they are beautiful little creatures, more affectionate than a dog. They bring thousands of dollars each year to Glenn County and what is more delicous than lamb chops or leg of lamb? They are a luxury in demand all over the world. So let's advertise our lambs. Let's make the town people lamb conscious. We'll make sheep more popular. In fact, we can pull off a show that will knock them over and will be entirely original to boot!'
 So on April 14, 1934 a one day event was scheduled and the held. The festivies included Lamb Races down Butte Street (50 lambs entered and 1st prize was $ 7.50), a bean feed (attended by over 1000 people @ Sheridan Park), a Band Concert, Flower Show (sponsored by the garden section of Monday Afternoon Club) and for Grand Finale, the Evening Ball at Memorial Hall (admission was .75) and so this annual event was set in motion.
Lamb Derby events are the Monday through Saturday  prior to Mother's Day in May.
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