Hatcher Pass Marathon

Date & Time:

Saturday, July 7th, 2012. Start time & more details to be announced soon!
Shirley Towne rd, approx. mile 43.25 Willow Fishhook rd, by the Willow Creek bridge. Willow Fishhook road, aka Hatcher Pass road, starts (resp. ends) at approximately mile 71.8 Parks Hwy. See course map for directions. Please note that Shirley Towne road is NOT on google maps! It really does exist, we promise.

Entry fee: $ 35 online, $ 50 race day registration

Relay runners pay individual entry fees, there is no team entry fee. Online sign-up will open spring 2012 (the link below is from last year).

Sign up now! (OK, you might want to read the rest of this first, for good measure).

Race course:

The route follows Willow Fishhook road, aka Hatcher Pass road, all the way over the summit, and finishes within a quarter mile of Independence Mine State Park. Yes, that makes it quite hilly. The first 4 miles are paved, the rest is gravel or sandy/rocky road (no trail).
Find a course map with approximate mileage and elevation profile here.
For a more detailed look at the course, check these out:
(For more exact mileage regarding exchange zones and aid stations, see below).
Hatcher Pass Marathon - 1st half
Hatcher Pass Marathon - 2nd half
Hatcher Pass Marathon - full course.

The race is available as a 3-person relay.

Approximate mileage per relay leg are the following: Leg 1: 9 miles, leg 2: 8 miles, leg 3: 9.2 miles. The third leg is the most strenuous.  Aid stations will be located at the following mile markers: 4.5, 9, 13, 17, 20, 23.

Relay runners must provide their own transportation to exchange locations, and we highly recommend that all participants organize transportation back from the finish line. Carpooling is encouraged. Parking is available but limited at all locations; i.e. start, exchange zones & finish. Clothing transportation to the finish will be provided by race organizers, and we will have limited shuttle service available for runners who do not have a chauffeur.

Several aid stations will be provided, however, we recommend that all runners carry additional liquids and calories according to their needs. Volunteers will close up the aid stations 8 hours after the 9 am race start. There is no time cut-off for finishing, however, award ceremony will take place at 3 pm at the finish. Food & drink will be provided!

Other potential hazards and inconveniences of the race include, but are not limited to: Traffic (no road closures during race), serious dust in dry weather, yucky muck in wet weather, brutal exposure to the elements due to high elevation. Consider a hat and sunscreen if it's nice out, and a hat and windbreaker if it's foul. Wildlife encounters have been reported, so be aware that you'll be running through bear country. In exchange for all this you'll get stunning scenery, a major runner's high, and a cool t-shirt!

For accommodations in the Willow area, please consider the following links:

Vern Halter & Susan Whiton's Dream Inn B&B
B&B Association of Alaska:

Willow Creek Resort campground:
# 495-6343

State Rec Areas / campgrounds & maps:
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