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All about Cheryl

I really don't like to talk about myself however I know people want to know about me so hear goes :) I am a Graphic Artist by trade and I teach Art Camp each summer at the YMCA. Here is some of my Graphic art work.

The Poem


Helen Keller

  Guardian Angel

I use Photoshop, Hand drawn work and photography to create my art.  

I also have a great love for crafts and sculpting.  I have a pottery  Kiln and make pottery at home.  I have always love making and creating art.  I discovered rainbow loom bands in the summer of 2013 at YMCA Camp.
I have my story about it written here.

I am married and have two daughters who  are very talented in art.  My younger daughter has an account on deviantart.com and even sells her work. 
cremexbutter.deviantart.com is her link However I must put a warning prior to looking at her work some of it is gruesome and grotesque.  Defiantly not for young children. 

She does beautiful work but as you see it is on the scary side and this is a one of her tame ones :)  She draws every thing by hand, then scans it into her PC and colors it on Photo Shop. 

That's all for not I will add more later :)

Feel free to comment.