William Wegman's 'Little Miss Muffet'

Created:  7/17/07 

 Above:  General outline of front of shirt.  (I know.  Bad quality.)

Below:  Back of shirt.  Note the *beautiful* shape of the rear neckline, and the comfortable yet flattering fit.


Above:  Detail of front sleeve corner.

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Behold the best alteration I think I have ever done.  This is an altered shirt bought from the DeCordova Museum gift shop with a design by none other than my childhood love, William Wegman.  (He's the one who takes his Weimaraner dog(s) and sometimes photographs them so it looks like they are wearing people clothes and have arms and legs and are standing up or in silly positions or whatever.)  I know, the quality is atrocious, but no complaints are allowed unless you want to buy me a digital camera so I don't have to use my three year old cellphone.  The picture on the front is of his Weimaraner in a blond curly wig dressed like Little Miss Muffet holding her bowl of curds and whey with a large black spider coming down above her.

I was inspired by a design for a wedding dress created out of t-shirts which I found in my book, Generation T.  I drastically changed the neckline and the back's rear neckline, resized it from a box to a comfortable Small, and gave it little (almost) puffy sleeves that sit on the corner of the shoulders.  As you can see in better quality in the third picture, I tied strips of fabric around the ends of the sleeves on each side, front and back, and attached dainty floral buttons to the front sleeves.  I love this style because it's not overly promiscuous, but it is still bold enough to catch eyes and flash a little shoulder and back.  Plus, the accessories on the sleeves are adorable, as is anything by Wegman.

I'm debating whether to keep this one or give it away.  Let me know if you have any interest in buying it, and I might sway one way or the other.  No promises, though.  ;)