The Everything Scarf

Created:  Still in Progress   |   SOLD  8/6/07


Above:  Current state of the Everything Scarf.  Quite unique, no?

Below:  Close up view of how textures and patterns are knit together, and their effect.

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Here's a project still in progress.  Currently, I'd guesstimate it to be around a foot and four inches long or so.  Unfortunately, that's not quite enough for a short scarf, and with these sticky hot summer days, the last thing I feel like doing is dragging thick wool and other yarns through my hands for hours.  But, knowing me, by the time winter rolls around, this little guy will be lost forever beneath some mountain of clothes or fabrics or whatnot.

So, here's my idea.  You guys motivate me to make the scarf for YOU.  Yes, you.  I'll give the prices for each style length, and first to put the money forward gets it.

This is the most unique scarf you will EVER find.  I use dozens of random different colors and textures and types of yarn (all are of beautiful quality, most are ridiculously expensive (damn Concord)) to produce widely different effects all along the scarf, sometimes even mixing two or more types together.  (I even tried random things like newspaper shreds, but they didn't hold very well, and I figured that's probably best, because who wants an ink bleeding scarf, anyway?)  I personally think that it looks quite artsy fartsy and stylish, and once winter actually rolls around, I'm pretty sure I'll make one for myself.  Oh, and those little yarn bits you see dangling down the side?  Those will all magically disappear by the time it's placed in your hands.

Short - $23  (Modest wrap with pin slightly above chest)
Medium - $30  (Shoulder fling a bit below chest)
Long - $40  (Wrapped just above waist)
X-Long - $52  (Wrapped almost to knees)

Note:  Everything Scarf is not as wide as those pictured in links.  Actual width is approx. four inches.)


 SOLD  8/6/07