Save the Screech!

Born: 7/29/07

Above:  Full view of logo and owl on tshirt

Below:  Close up; more detailed and closer color representation of owl



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 Ugh.  Bad photo quality.  Lack of digital camera forces me to take advantage of my cellphone camera.  (The actual colors are most similar to the ones as shown in the bottom picture.)

I made this little guy out of six different fabrics.  He was inspired by a logo from my dad's old computer tech shirt, "Save the Screech."  So, here's our screech owl to save.

I had bought the shirt a few years back at Urban Outfitters in Burlington, VT.

Unfortunately, I found that the tiny pieces are too small and delicate to sew via machine, and would take far too long to hand sew every little snippet on top of each other, so for the moment, it's stuck there by rubber cement.  Unwashable and unwearable.  So, I'm thinking this little screecher will be saved in a frame of some sort.  Unless you have a better idea?