Le Patchwork Tote

Created: 4/?/07   -   Price:  $25



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If interested in purchasing a new one, please let me know.  I've used this one quite a bit already, but I would be more than willing to make a few more if I had a market.  :)

This is a product of complete spontaneity.  I had received one of those ASPCA "Sucker!  You think we actually Save Animals!?  This is what we use all your money for!" totes after being a member of the ASPCA for a while.  As unbearably cute and frumpy the snuggling cartoon kitten and puppy were, I couldn't show my undying love for the design out in public for fear of ruining my reputation (really?  Blech.)  So, I started snipping up random shapes and sewing them one on top of another to create a sort of messy patchwork look?  Sort of?  I don't know.  I think it's rather cute.

You can see that in the bottom right hand corner there is a pocket with a flap and button, and the purplish pinkish with brown bits rectangle near the upper right / middle is also another pocket that opens on a sort of diagonal.

Note:  Only one side of Le Patchwork Tote contains the patches.  The other is blank.  I will gladly patch both sides for an additional $10.