Born:  5/12/08   |   Adoption Fee:  $30

Above:  Pablo's front
Below:  Duncan has become Pablo's new best friend.  He makes sure that Pablo is safe and comfortable (and well loved) at all times.



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Pablo is a bit more than a bit lost in his own fantasy world.  While others see plain white clouds, Pablo sees dragons and wizards and other fantastical things.  He can spend hours lying on his belly to watch ant colonies march back and forth, and let his imagination run wild and unrestrained as he gives each of them a name and a personality and a life story.  It can be a  bit difficult to have a normal conversation with him though, because he is a serious space cadet and is constantly flying through his own imagination.  He also has a thick Mexican accent and has been known to burst out in Spanish phrases such as "por favor páseme la mantequilla" or "usted es tan brillante como una flor."

At ten inches tall and roughly one foot wide, (both including ear length,) Pablo is a fairly big boy.  He has blue corduroy jowls with little red flowers and lightly stuffed little paw-hands which are sewn on at the top so that they stick out from his body.  He is made from a bright mustard yellow fabric (which is not at all given justice in these pictures) which compliments his bright personality quite nicely.

He is absolutely precious and is recommended for someone with as great of an imaginative spirit and heart as his own - and possibly speaks Spanish.