Ollie and Pip

Born:  5/10/08   |   Adoption Fee:  $20 each

Above:  Brothers Ollie (left) and Pip (right) show off their lovely faces and fronts on a windowsill
Below:  The rear ends of Ollie (left) and Pip (right)



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A day in the life of Ollie...
12:30 pm - Slowly wake up with curiously sore and drooled on ears and tail
1:00 - Waddle over to food dish for breakfast / lunch
2:00 - Nap in the sun in back of the couch
3:30 - Follow sun to couch and nap on couch pillow
4:00 - Roll over mid-nap for tummy rub
5:30 - Sniff blanket of fur shed on pillow from nap and waddle to kitchen to beg
6:00 - Weasel into cupboard and generously help self to dinner
7:00 - Waddle to food dish for "official" dinner
8:00 - Fall asleep under dinner table for the night

A day in the life of Pip...
5 am - Bolt awake and yip yap until door to outside is opened
5:15 - Take a pee
5:17 - Smell all pees from within the past two weeks
5:40 - DIG dig dig dig!!!
6:00 - Attempt to eat rock found in dug hole
6:05 - Give up chewing on rock and return to DIG!!!
7:00 - Rip race around yard, chase squirrel, bark bark bark, bolt to neighbor's compost pile, roll roll roll, return to hole, DIG dig dig dig!!!
9:00 - Pounce on Ollie and nibble on his ear and tug on his tail
10:00 - Return to DIGGING!!!

Ollie is rather plump and lethargic.  He loves to simply loll around the house, shedding blankets of fur all over the couches and pillows.  PIp, on the other hand, has a digging compulsion, and when he's not tearing apart the yard, he's rip racing around it.  Both are almost six inches tall.  On Ollie's rear sits a stubby little tail, while Pip sports a tail half as long as he is.  Both their bellies and tails are created from extremely soft plush material which make them extremely snuggle-able.  Despite their differences, Ollie and Pip are extremely close, and would prefer to either be adopted together, or have many play dates together if separated.