Born:  5/2/08   |   Adoption Fee:  $25 

 Above:  Murray's front
Below:  Murray's behind



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Meet Murray.
Murray is a nine inch tall run away circus performer.  After becoming bored with the tiresome scrounging for berries and stinging of bees day in and day out, Murray decided to break free of the typical bear life.  There is not one thing he now loves more than riding his rusting bicycle and feeling the warmth of the spotlights.  Not even sweet wild honey.

Murray is extremely soft; made out of the same light yellow plush material as Miss Millie.  His paws flap about and his slightly off center eyes give him a curiously inquisitive look.  He would prefer a home which is flexible in allowing him to go a little wild and juggle lit candle sticks or practice his acrobatic stunts off the chandeliers.  However, it should be noted that despite his seemingly uncontrollable and wild behavior, Murray is a sucker for love and is secretly an enormous snuggle bug.  (... But he likes to keep his image of the rough 'n tumble type.)


 Miss MIllie and Murray have become very close friends while summering on Cape Cod together.

ADOPTED  8/14/07