Miss Millie

Born:  5/1/08   |   Adoption Fee:  $25 

Above:  Though Miss Millie is a bit camera shy, I managed to get this quick little shot of her irresistibly adorable face.
Below:  Miss Millie's backside.  Note the perky little tail.

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Miss Millie is positively precious, yet rarely fully understood.  She spends her time frolicking though wildflower patches off the side of the road, pausing to smell and fully appreciate each and every one.  Often times, Millie is off in her own world.  She wanders aimlessly through back roads, heavily preferring the mysteriously winding dirt ones.  Millie is one of the few who appreciate the simple things in life.  The humbling feeling of getting lost in the depth of the sky, the great beauty within the fragility of a small flower; Miss Millie is extremely sensitive to the things that often go entirely unnoticed in this world.

First of all, I must say that Millie is THE softest little creature you will ever find.  You might be able to slightly tell from the texture in the pictures, but the creamy yellow fur which she is almost entirely composed of is that which is often used for floppy infant dolls.  It suits her perfectly.  Her tongue and paws are both sewn only at the top, so they are free to flop around and move as she pleases.  Not to mention her swishy-swashy tail.  Millie stands at just over half a foot tall.  Her features are light and include two baby blue eyes and a white-with-bits-of-black button nose, like those you sometimes see on silly looking dogs or cats.

She is recommended as a companion for someone who is equally as sensitive to beauty and all things wonderful as she is.