Born:  4/18/08   |   Adoption Fee:  $20

Above:  Melbert gazing solemnly across the room
Below:  The much sought after and envied hair of Melbert

Below:  Melbert's dazzling tail feathers

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To be perfectly honest, Melbert is... quite socially awkward.  Though he often watches the leaves change through the window above the kitchen sink, Melbert seldom ventures outside; except for during his weekly library run.  Every day, Melbert coops himself up for hours at a time, plowing through immense novels of mystery, or horror, or a solid nonfiction.  When he runs out of books, he often will resort to reading encyclopedias or dictionaries in order to procrastinate venturing outside and into the public view.  This is probably because the ladies positively adore his brilliant shock of red hair and his billowing and slightly pompous tail feathers.  As soon as he steps outside the safety of his home, the bachelorettes immediately flock to him and begin attempting to preen his beautiful hair and feathers.  He does not like this attention, and has no idea how to react.  Often, he will attempt to scare them off by squawking and snapping.  As said before, he is extremely socially awkward.

Melbert is approximately ten inches tall, with a yellowed leather beak, and quite lovable despite his antisocial tendencies.

ADOPTED  5/19/08