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This is the place where we give you the update on all those Happily Ever Afters... 



 Above:  Blue Mo







Above:  Ed's Emo side
Below:  Ed on Prozac

Above:  Mavin the Mischievous and Eric are finding they have much in common!

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Blue Mo is adjusting quite well to his new home with Miss Erica.  Mo and my last lingering moments were spent in a dismal driver's ed classroom where he was adopted only hours after birth.  So far, he has enjoyed a wonderful movie night of Beauty and the Beast, though not a fan of Gaston, and successfully watched it in its entirety without crying (I knew he was a strong soul.)  Erica reports that he is starting to warm right up to the Disney princesses as well (what a little ladies' man...) and is currently preparing to help Erica deal with the overpowering stress and emotional turbulence which will accompany her upcoming college visit.

Ed the Emo / Prozac Raindrop is doing quite well with his new mother and brother, Erica and Blue Mo.
He has yet to let me know exactly what he has been up to, but I think that it's a safe assumption to say that it's because he's too busy having fun.

Mavin the Mischievous has been handed over to my brother, Eric, for care taking responsibilities.  While Mavin was a bit too troublesome for me, Eric and he seem to have a similar knack for pranks and tricks, so they can keep one another in jeopardy.  I just hope that they keep it that way, and don't start turning together against me!

(Unfortunately, I've found it quite difficult to keep up with this section of the Seaweed Patch.  As you can see in the profiles, there have been many more adoptions than featured on here.  If you would like to be featured with your adoptee, feel free to send me a picture of you two, and I will add you to this page!)