Fearsome Fred

Born:  3/15/08   |    Adoption Fee:  $15



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Beware the Fearsome Fred.
He'll sneak into your bed.
He'll eat the cat,
Won't stop with that,
You might just wake up dead.

Watch out.  Fred is a man eater.  Well, an everything eater, really.  (That's why he was able to originally disguise himself as Fat Louie Junior.)  Despite the fact that he's undoubtedly a rampant killer, some still claim that he is only misunderstood, and has a soft spot for flowers.  He has supposedly been spotted sprawled out in the center of overgrown wildflower fields, basking in the soft sunlight and emitting a gentle purr.  But don't let this fool you.  Fearsome Fred is as dangerous as they get.

ADOPTED  5/4/08