Fat Louie Junior

Born:  2/19/08   |   Adoption Fee:  $15  |  CANCELED



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Fat Louie Junior has come out of his secret identity to reveal himself as Fearsome Fred!  Feel free to check out his new dental work.

Meet Fat Louie Junior.  He is five and a half inches tall, and almost just as wide.  If you're one to loll around the house and crash on the couch with the tv still blaring, then you, my friend, have found your soul mate.

Fat Louie Junior's pa, Fat Louie Senior, is well on his way to making an appearance at my adoption agency.  But please, save the fan mail gifts.  I know the two are terribly lovable, but they are literally about to burst at the seams if some one gives them one more chocolate covered fried worm.  Thank you for your cooperation.  (Though they're a little bitter about it now, I'm sure they'll thank you, too, later.)