Ed the Emo / Prozac Raindrop

Born:  3/8/08   |   Adoption Fee:  $10


Above:  Ed feelin' down in the dumps on his Emo side
Below:  Ed on Prozac.  Enough said.



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Bad PMS mood swings?  This little six inch fellow shares your pain.  Drag his Emo side through the cold dismal rain, or take his Prozac side for a good puddle splashing... Ed is up for anything!

Ed is best suited as a companion for someone who is able to sympathize with his situation.  He has asked me to ensure that whoever adopts him is willing to blast Hawthorne Heights until the ceiling collapses as a sign regarding the meaning of life.  He also would like them to bring him on the fastest roller coaster possible and have a cotton candy eating contest beforehand to see who throws up first.  ... Just make sure you can keep up with him before committing to adoption.  He's quite a handful.

ADOPTED  5/4/08
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