Various Wish Doves

Born: 2/19/08   |   Adoption fee: $7

 Above:  Dove of Kindness

Note:  Don't despair... more are quickly on their way!

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Each of these little six inch hand-sewn doves stand for an attribute which is vital to success regarding ourselves and our environment.  These precious little guys contain the ability to bring luck or grant wishes in each of their specialized attributes.

For increased luck, simply give your dove plenty of loving care and attention (they love their beak bristles groomed since they can't reach them themselves.)  If you have a specific wish in a certain category which they posses power over, simply write out your wish on a small slip of paper and tuck it under their wing in the little pocket provided.


Note:  Results inconclusive.  Doves may or may not actually alter your luck or grant your wish.


ADOPTED  2/20/08